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I hope it’s okay that I take this opportunity to really just spend with you guys and tell you a little bit about my story. I’m not an activist, I haven’t changed the world or led a campaign. I’m here to just tell you my path so that you hopefully can take something away from it because I don’t like being honest with -this is the truth- I don’t like being honest with press and interviews. I like being honest with you, directly. Which is each and every one of you. ‘Cause I feel like I can and I’m just gonna start with the basics. So i’m 21 and my mom had me when she was 16 and i’m from Grand Prairie, Texas and she worked 4 jobs and completely dedicated her life into making mine better. So to me she is the definition of a strong women and I love her so much because she’s taught me those values so much. I have been acting my entire life and I have known since I was first on Barney -you know that purple dinosaur that I hung out with- when I was 7 I wanted to be an actress and I wanted to live my dream and when I was 11 I had a casting director telling me that I wasn’t strong enough to carry my own show. And i’m sure all of you have been told that you don’t have what it takes and that you may not be good enough and you don’t have enough people supporting you and you’re being told all of these things when deep down it’s all you want to do, you wanna be a part of something great. You wanna make something great. And it does more than knock the wind out of you it crushes you when people try to tell you that you’re not good enough. And it almost did for me but there was my mom, next to me, stronger than ever. And she said the most important thing is to always trust in myself. If i’m doing something because I love it…I should do it because I love it and I believe I can do it. So she told me to keep going and taught me to turn the other cheek and let the critics be critics and let us just trust ourselves. You inspire me to be better. We should inspire each other to be better. I’m surround by people who are supposed to guided me and some of them have and others haven’t. They pressure me. There’s so much pressure. You gotta be sexy, cute, you gotta be nice, you gotta be all these things. They tell me what to wear, how to look, what I should say, how I should be. Until recently, I had given into that pressure. I lost sight of who I was. I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought that others would accept me for it. And I realized that I don’t know how to be anything but myself. And all I really want you to know is that you are changing the world. I’m not changing the world, you’re changing the world and that’s amazing. Please, please just be kind to each other and love and inspire people. The most important thing is that we learn and we continue to learn from each other. Please stay true to yourself. Please just remain who you are. And know that we have each others back. All of us have each others back. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never tried to make myself better by giving in because I have. But I’ve learned from my actions. And for all the things I’ve done I’m proudest of that. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I want you to know that i know what it’s like…figuring out what types of friends you have. You are who you surround yourself with. So I just wanna say I hope I can inspire each and every one of you to just trust yourselves and to love and to be loved. And thank you for allowing me to come up [on stage] and ramble and talk to you guys because this is such a beautiful thing you’re doing. Be proud of yourselves. This is great. Thank you so much for the opportunity for me to come out here and share my story with you guys.
—Selena Gomez’s speech at We Day California on March 26, 2014 (via selgomez-news)
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Selena Gomez speaking at We Day California on March 26, 2014

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  sebastian-stans said: hi :) do you know what this is from: /post/71362162824/i-live-by-go-big-or-go-home-thats-with ? thank you!

It’s from a Press Conference of Fast & Furious on 16/03/2009 in Hollywood, CA. If that’s what you mean :)

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“I’m not the kind of guy who’s taking advantage of my position.” - Paul Walker

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I live by Go big or go home.’ That’s with everything. It’s like either commit and go for it or don’t do it at all. I apply that to everything. I apply that to relationships, I apply that to like sports, I apply that to everything. That’s what I live by. That’s how I like it.” - Paul Walker 
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Whenever I see a picture/gif of Logandra, I cry…

I cry because Logan is with someone else. And I cry even harder because they’re so perfect together…

At the end of the story, Logandra. is. real!

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Logan: I don’t want to talk about my personal life.. I’ll keep that a mystery.

Me: Oh, you don’t have to. Mystery’s already solved.

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